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About Me

Welcome! I'm Ansa Edim, a seasoned brand strategist and marketing communications expert with over a decade of experience in driving impactful brand initiatives across diverse industries. Call me the Chief Consensus Builder! 

My Expertise

Brand Strategy is all I've ever wanted to do. As a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), I specialize in developing innovative brand strategies that propel businesses to new heights of success. With a deep understanding of strategic storytelling, revenue-driving campaigns, and mission-driven marketing, I have a proven track record of delivering results for clients around the globe. I have worked with top players across North America and Europe, including The Southern Poverty Law Center and Panasonic, crafting strategic brand initiatives that consistently drive revenue growth and market expansion.

Experience Highlights

  • I studied Corporate Communications at James Madison University and have an MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, where I focused on Strategic Marketing. 

  • At, I orchestrated global brand narratives across 22 markets, achieving significant increases in engagement rates and customer satisfaction scores year over year. I championed ethical branding and corporate responsibility, driving internal alignment and employee engagement.

  • Bonterra Tech: As Director of Marketing Strategy and Chief of Staff to the Chief Marketing Officer, I supported transformative data analytics initiatives and strategic brand development efforts, resulting in a $72 million increase in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and enhanced stakeholder engagement.

My Approach

I believe in aligning marketing strategies with broader organizational goals, leveraging data-driven insights to inform decision-making, and fostering cross-functional collaboration to drive impactful results.

Let's Collaborate

If you're seeking expert marketing leadership on a flexible retainer basis, I'm here to help. Whether you need strategic guidance, campaign execution, or stakeholder engagement support, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project.

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